I am most grateful to Southern Africa who I consider to be my most important teacher. Zed press published in 1980 my book ”Power to the people – South Africa in stuggle: A pictorial History. ”

At present I try to collect my experiences from Southern Africa. Its hard going…

Philippa Hobbs and Elisabeth Rankin have published ”Rorkes drift-  Empowering prints”.  I highly recommend it.

In 2010 I published ”En spegel berättar” written to my grandchildren telling them about Ullas and mine childhood, love and life. They can also read about their parents when they grew up in Africa.

Ulla my wife and conpanion was 2004 dying in cancer. During that year I told my grandchildren what I saw in my old, beautiful mirror. We communicated about life and death. I wrote the book and made the drawings when I returned to SA soon after Ulla had died. The book can be red by all grandparents to their grandchildren. I do hope it will encourage you to tell your own grandchildren about your life. It is also important that we talk about death.

If you are interested I sell if for 160 kronor including postage in Sweden.


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